You can say
                     g o o d b y e .

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You get the information, and it’s not your job to judge it or not judge it. You adapt, and you do it. That’s what we do as actors. We’re just as surprised as the viewers, sometimes.

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All that time you spent with her to get to me, you can’t tell me that you didn’t get to know her, and like her. It’s Allison. It’s impossible not to like her.

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nine days of brooklyn nine-nine day 1: favorite episode: Party
"Everyone here needs some instruction on interacting with grown-ups. Here are the rules: no staring at your phones, no rolling in two hours late, no sweatpants, no jeans and no shorts. And everyone, bring a bottle of wine."

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You can save people’s lives, but you cannot save them from life

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Simon Birch

I gave up writing blurbs because you make one friend and 200 enemies.” — Leslie Fiedler

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